We have been very very happy

Please excuse me for my long absence. Honestly, the times here in Italy are not the best at the moment and personally there are concerns at work here in Italy, a crisis that we could not ignore anymore.

We had our German Directors (we are not the owner of the company) here in Italy and our friends

did QE for us. The result was that these 2 days have been very harmonious, and we have been very surprised of the gentleness…

But, anyway, we are quite happy that the old world is collapsing now – being sure that there will be a better world,and for all people.

But, I told you, we used QE many many times.

The first important result we had was last year directly after your QE-Seminar at Frankfurt in October 2010. We went to your Seminar and left our mother here at Lucca in Tuscany by herself. She is 80 years old and had the flu, not able to breathe and that night she thought she would die…

I called her Sunday in the afternoon and she had a great fear the following night and after the QE Seminar at 18.30 we took the bus from Frankfurt to the airport Hahn, and the bus takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. There I asked my brother Johannes and our friend Angelo to do Distance

QE for her.  Angelo did it for 15 minutes and Johannes and I did it the whole journey (2 h 30 min.), until arriving at the airport.

I called my mother at Frankfurt before leaving, saying to her: “relax, you are receiving a QE Distance treatment “

We arrived at the airport Hahn and I called my mother.  She felt almost completely healed, feeling all the healing treatment very strongly.

And we have been very very happy having used QE. I personally had the image of my mother, holding

her on the back and at the chest, while experiencing Eufeeling. As Frank always told us: we did nothing, only experiencing Eufeeling.

I will write you more experiences…

Johannes, Angelo & I we are sending to you and Frank a immense Hug, wishing to you all the best

and infinitely success for your QE – Project in all the world. Thanks so much !!!

Be with us tomorrow 11.11.2011 at 11h11 min, doing the meditation for the new world. Yours, sincerely

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