Out of the blue

I was reading chapter 18 of your book, The Kinslow System, Bringing Eufeeling into your world, and I had an insight that, suddenly, may have made everything clear and explained a lot of my life, that I had not understood. If you wish, you can use this testimony in one of your newsletter.

Many times, in my life, I have had experienced what some name “synchronicities”. Amazing happenings, always very positive. I will tell one of the most significant.

In 1971, I was on a beach in Africa with my wife and a 2 year old daughter. On that day, the beach was deserted. The closest one was over 500 feet away. I felt absolutely at peace with myself.

I love the sea and the day was splendid. Then came to my mind the thought that that paradise was about to end. The vacation would end the next day, because the money was about to end.

Without losing my state of mind peaceful and happy, I asked my wife how much money would be needed to stay one more week and she said it would take a lot of money – about 500 dollars. Indeed a lot of money in 1971!

Relaxed, I stretched my arms back and buried my fingers in the sand. I felt something touching my fingers of the left hand. I grabbed it and … It was a 500 bill folded in four, buried in the sand, right behind me.

Out of the blue (or rather the sand) was exactly the money we needed to stay an extra week in that paradise. Neither more nor less!

Frank, I did nothing! I quote from chapter 18: “once you learn QE Intention, you will become the master of your own creations, and you won’t have to do a thing. You will learn non-doing and from there be able to satisfy your desires”. This was exactly what happened. I suppose my state of deep relaxation and joy – Eufeeling – created a spontaneous QE Intention and this Intention was materialized in seconds.

Many, many other experiences like that always followed the same pattern:

I was always surprised by what happened, because I did nothing for that to happen.

But my insight had another amazing face. I’m an obsessive person. I’m convinced I suffer from OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. My main issue is the fear these thoughts create in my mind that sometimes grow up panic. And that was my motivation to read all your books. In the beginning of my practice of QE I didn’t get great results, because my obsession led me to worry with the instructions of the exercises. But I persisted. Little by little, I improved. And today, this thought entered my mind, as I was reading chapter 18: obsessive thoughts are created by the compulsion of MUCH DOING! I must release me; I must be a good Christian, I must be calm, I must not sin, I should not be afraid…

Precisely the opposite of non-doing!

Am I right?

Thank you for the liberation you are bringing to the world.

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