Great experience

Eustillness was such a great experience for all of us. The first experience, starting our QE session, was the experience of the nothing technique. Than we stepped into the Eufeeling. That’s the way I prepared the ground to get in the room of deep stillness and we were aware of the Eustillness. Stillness was everywhere in the room. It was so quiet you could a pin hear drop. Everyone were in  Eustillness. The church bells were ringing. In the awareness of the  participants the bells melody was like thoughts passing away, effortless and easy. In my perception the N² effect was very strong at this moment. I got the feedback, that the Eustillness was a very intensive experience for everyone. One participant said ‘ as I came, my head was full of problems and thoughts – after the experience of Eustillness my problems were gone away – I’m in absolute harmony and peace’. Wow what a nice feedback and great experience!!

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