I felt better

I noticed that my experience of eufeeling was stronger when Dr. Kinslow was experiencing eufeeling on the screen. I was away on a cruise the first few weeks that the class started and I started having lower back pain while I was away. I’m sure I overdid it on the excursions. I tried to apply QE to myself while away and when I returned but it was still very painful. I think it was during the third lesson that I was doing QE along with Dr. Kinslow as he was working with his wife and I really could feel the difference. I was very relaxed and I could feel a tingling sensation in the area of pain. I felt better that evening and completely pain free the next day. This is the best experience I’ve had with QE thus far. I’m grateful for QE and my dog is also as he’s the one I usually practice on and it has really calmed him when his arthritis is aching him. Thank you so much.

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