QE Works! It’s Scientific!

My name is Evgeny and I am just a normal mid aged person living in Dubai. I live my life like everyone else. Working most of the time and having no space to being able to disconnect or do a lot of time for any spiritual practices. I tried to use Joe Dispense work extensively, but I didn’t see that it changed my life or helped me in an any way. When I came across QE and Eustillness work- I was extremely curious and surprised as it didn’t look like any meditation I ever tried before. So I approached it as an experiment. I tried to see if it can help cure people who I intentionally didn’t inform about what I am going to do for the sake of clarity of the experiment. (Note: QE doesn’t require consent because QE does nothing to that person. Any healing comes from within that person.)

First remarkable experience was with a remote QE session with a friend who experienced really bad emotional condition. After 30 minute session she said- what did you do? I feel so good and my worry disappeared. I never knew I could feel this way!

The second was when my wife who is a big sceptic had a high blood pressure. In just five minutes of QE her blood pressure got stabilized to norm and we could see it right on the device!The third was when my friend who traveled to India wasn’t able to walk. I didn’t even tell him anything but did remote QE early morning when I assumed he will be asleep. To my and his surprise he could walk again on the very same day.

And lastly when I recently did QE water for my wife who had extreme nausea at the airport. Just five minutes sitting in stillness with water bottle (Again without telling her for the clarity of the experiment) and after she drank it her nausea was gone!!!

QE (Eustillness, Eufeeling, Awefeeling) works! It’s so simple and miraculous that it’s hard to beleive. There are no fanfares on angels descending but the results that just appear in a very natural and nurturing way that my brain still refuses to accept! But these are real results that actually happened to people who had no clue about what I was doing (so you can’t say that I “programmed them” or there is placebo effect).I

think everyone who will follow Franks guideline can and will achieve the same results. Because it has nothing to do with me or you and there is no bringing my Ego into the process. So yes, nothing (QE) works. And yes, it’s a scientific method!

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