Menstrual pain

I use Quantum Entrainment a lot in my life and have had great success with emotional QE, financial QE, and relationship QE but this was my first immediate and strong physical reaction to QE for myself.
For as long as I can remember I’ve suffered debilitating menstrual cramps and nausea. The pain is always a 10+ and the nausea slides between a 3 and an 8. When I was unpleasantly awoken in the middle of the night to the feeling of armies of battle hardened orks waging war on my insides I knew the unpleasant story about to unfold. Curled up on the floor of the bathroom or in a chair, unable to sleep but exhausted, grinding my teeth to keep from crying… it’s never pleasant. After an hour or so I was finally able to choke some bread down past the nausea and take some pain medication. I lay down to wait the 45 minutes or so for the pain to subside to a 6-8 as it always did, snuggling my heating packs.
I had tried to maintain Pure Awareness during the previous hour but, like finding my way through a maze of ever-changing, burning walls, I always snapped back from PA with an excruciating awareness of my body. I realized I was TRYING, attached to the result and gave up the pursuit. As I lay waiting I knew that the pain would lessen sooner or later and let go of wanting QE to work wonders and simply enjoyed being aware of Pure Awareness.
Like a boulder smashing through those flaming walls, I shot straight to Pure Awareness and floated peacefully in my EuFeeling. Immediately my cramps didn’t just lessen, they stopped! From a 10+ to 0 in an instant! I know the timing and effectiveness of my pain medication and this result was simply too quick and too complete to be the result of traditional medicine (at least the kind they give you to take home!). I thought of what Frank says, to have fun with QE, to explore with it and enjoy the experience. So I intentionally stopped paying any attention to my EuFeeling, intentionally got caught up in my thoughts. The warmth of Eufeeling slowly drained from my body and was simultaneously replaced by cramps at about a 4 or a 5. I became aware of Pure Awareness again. The cramps disappeared, occasionally registering a measly 1 on my personal Richter scale. Stop. Cramps. Start. No Cramps. … though each time the cramps became less and less until now, as I type, I’m continuing the same stop-start experimentation and there are no cramps, at all. AMAZING!
Thank you to the Universe for giving us Frank and thank you to Frank for sharing QE with the world! Thank you for the freedom from a lifetime of cyclical incapacitation and pain and for the ability to share this wonder with others! 

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