QE had a significant impact even in family relationships

My son falls into the category of lively children. And I don’t want to state the term hyperactive. But I’m not sure, whether that is enough because in a matter of few minutes his lively little arms make a complete mess out of an entire room. As long as it’s a matter of only the apartment which can be cleaned up, it’s alright, but what about when he starts jumping into the street in front of oncoming cars? In school he has an individual schedule, that is fine, when he was 5 years of age he could read and write and at 6 he started reading the phone book list. It wasn’t easy for me. After applying Quantum Entrainment I’m discovering, that his behavior isn’t stressing me out as much anymore, I have more patience and even he has become calmer in school. He appears to me as a more satisfied child. QE had a significant impact even in family relationships. (Sharp edges are becoming duller.) I’m more at peace and more satisfied and my environment is answering to me in such a helpful way. I am getting what I wish for and that’s not little. It’s quite a lot.

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