• Should be a life changing event for anyone who applies the material.
  • Awesome Experience you leave with a lifetime skill easy to use.
  • Love the way Frank explains things in a simple and easily understood manner.
  • I injured my shoulder 3 months ago at the gym it’s better on the first day of the workshop.  While doing triangulation the pain went from a 6 to a 1.  I can hardly feel any pain now.
  • With QE you get all the benefits of hundreds of healing modalities but in a very simple natural form.  This is by far the easiest and most authentic form I’m aware of.
  • I am so grateful for this opportunity to have Frank guide us in a purposeful, meaningful and engaging manner.  It was a deepening experience, while being a whole lot of fun.
  • The symbiosis of wisdom about our Beingness and the simplicity of realization of SELF ie: Fulfillment in Life is so Peace, Joy and Fun promoting it is nurturing.
  • The Knowledge you gain from this workshop is priceless.  Anybody can do it.  Dr Kinslow makes it super easy and fun.
  • Dr Kinslow simplifies the concept of we are not our thoughts and we all have the innate ability to do this.
  • I am able to relieve my migraine headache by using QE.  Applying QE makes my energy healing more effective.
  • Doing QE with many people, I felt speeding up my understanding and experiencing Eufeeling.
  • I had read ‘Eufeeling’ prior to the workshops.  I had recently applied modalities that resulted in healing from a 9 to a 2.  An hour before the workshop, I was reading ‘The secret of Quantum Living’ and improved to a 1.  During the workshop I have improved to a 0.2 and expect it to be a 0 by the time I go home.  The healing was in arthritic tissue in the3 ankles and knees.  Also experienced healing with acid reflux in eye sight.
  • Frank Kinslow teaches a technique that allows life to join itself in fullness.  In that fullness ‘miracles’ are born.
  • QE has given me hope for a better life.  My life has been good, but there has always been this fear that just goes everywhere with me.  Now I think I can find myself and improve my life.
  • I feel confident after 2 days applying QE and living my life being aware of Eufeeling.
  • Learn to live in Joy.
  • I feel a new quality to life, people and interactions that I didn’t experience before.
  • A workshop you truly can’t live without.  I really enjoyed it.

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