The story how QE helped me overcome my fear

Before QE I was always hiding in the back of the room so no one would noticed me.  Whenever I had to speak in front of many people, I got very nervous and  red spots appeared on my face. I had never felt comfortable speaking in a group. 

I traveled on my own to a QE workshop in Kirchzarten 2009, which was a huge challenge for me.   I had never traveled on my own before. QE helped me overcome this challenge that was so important to me.

Today I still get a little nervous at times, and sometimes light red spots appear, but I am no longer bothered by it.  I don’t experience the fear.  Now, when I am speaking in meetings I can appreciate it properly; my words easily flow without fearful thoughts.

I can now enjoy the challenges that come my way, and my quality of life continues to improve every day. Thank you for this wonderful gift.

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