My QE experiences

I practice QE daily. I was visibly successful with our dog, in Read More

QE is a simple, miraculously effective method

I would like to express my great admiration and thanks to Dr. Read More

The Magic of Awefeeling

With Awefeeling I feel more relaxed, energetic, strong, and happy. I see Read More

My personal experience of Awefeeling

I’m an experienced “QE’er”, which I love doing daily. But Awefeeling has Read More

My thoughts on Awefeeling

As a scientist I’m always pondering about how things work on a Read More

Took me over the line

After reading the books and attending a few QE seminars this webinar Read More

I feel such a relief

I have  just bought "The Secret of Quantum Living" and made the Read More

Out of the blue

I was reading chapter 18 of your book, The Kinslow System, Bringing Read More

Great experience

Eustillness was such a great experience for all of us. The first Read More


Spend as much time as possible in EuStillness, connect it with as Read More