One QE session of 15 to 20 minutes

“Last autumn one of my companies faced some personnel problems within the administration staff. The situation was not only unpleasant for the administration staff but also had some impact to the rest of the company. For about a month I tried to solve the issue and had several meetings per week with the staff to find an amicable solution for all involved parties.

It was on a business flight I started applying what I just have learned the weekend before at Frank’s QE Intensive Seminar in Kirchzarten: Frank called it at that time a QE sandwich. Thus I was sitting in the airplane applying QE for  5 to 10 minutes. Then I just recalled in my mind the word “Personnel” with no intention, no details and further thoughts attached to it and let this single word go like the dropping of a leaf onto the calmness of the water surface. Then I went back to do QE for another 10 minutes or so. I left the airplane and had a very busy week and was not thinking anymore of what I did in the airplane. On Friday I returned to my office where the CEO of the company told me that one of the staff members who was causing problems had quit her job and the other one was finally laid off. I was surprised that things were happening so fast. A first step in solving the problem was achieved. But how to replace the employees?

I sent out an e-mail to friends and colleagues informing them that we are looking for new employees within our administration. Two hours later a colleague of mine introduced me to a personnel recruitment office he just used a couple of weeks prior. I called the office and after explaining to them what exactly I was looking for they told me that they have the perfect person for me. Of course I thought they are good at selling their people. But when I saw the CV and application form of the applicant all I could say is: Wow! It was exactly what we are looking for. Of course over the next weeks I looked at over a dozen of other applications, invited several people to interview with us, since my mind did not want to understand that the implicit order had already arranged everything for the best of all of us.

We did hire the woman from the recruitment office.  Furthermore, the personnel office gave us a 50% discount on their finder’s fee and the payment for us was very reasonable. And last but not least the woman is now doing both the jobs of the two former employees!

Isn’t that amazing: One QE session of 15 to 20 minutes, no intention, no affirmation, no planning, nothing than just looking what is going to happen!”

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