I am enjoying my QE sessions more than ever

I am on Day 31 of the 90 Day QE Program and I am enjoying my QE sessions more than ever. The “chore” of doing it is out of the way and I actually look forward to the next session. I do tackle the bigger issues in life that I “think” I have and then let go and let pure awareness do its thing or nothing if that’s what it has to do. Deep inner peace is so relaxing it does not matter to me at this point as to what results I get. I tried other ways to “just let go” before, but this is by far the most effective because it makes it really effortless. It allows you to accept things how they are. So there really is no effort at all about the subject of letting go. This is no minor statement because I recently lost 5 of the most important people in my life in 2 weeks. My world was devastated to say the least. I couldn’t eat, sleep or think. I was severely depressed and lost 50 pounds! I started doing QE and here I am. Finding solace in peace and letting go of the anger, sadness, despair that I “thought” life had brought me. That is the key word “thought.” With QE I’ve learned to accept all that as a gift so I finally find inner peace. My thoughts are of gratefulness instead of blame. I love this stuff! I’m now enjoying doing sessions for others even more than doing it for myself. I feel so self-liberated. I love the fact that the other person doesn’t even have to be aware of it. QE is fun!!! It put the Love back in my life when I could find nothing but self-pity. I could go on and on but you get the point. I’ll just keep doing QE. I know there are many more gifts in store. I just know it!

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