Hunger and Over Eating

Hunger and Over Eating

For most of the industrialized countries hunger and starvation is extremely rare. But it will not take much in the way of climactic changes, war, pestilence, or famine and even the most

134 affluent nations will find its citizens without enough food to sustain their needs. The QE process can be an exceptionally positive influence on hunger and even starvation.

Individually, if you are hungry you can do QE and the pangs of hunger will be reduced or eliminated in a very short time. It also quickly relieves the emotional attachment to food and for this reason is even helpful for those people who eat too much. Obviously QE Awareness does not take the place of food but it does greatly slow down our metabolism so we burn less calories and need less food to survive. An additional benefit to doing QE while hungry or starving is QEs effectiveness at fulfilling our desires on the material plane. QE Awareness has a very powerful harmonizing influence on our environment. It brings to us opportunities and material possessions, including food, in a way that is beyond the linear thinking produced by our minds. When we do QE Awareness all the creative forces of the universe rally around our needs and desires.

QE for hunger should be done in short sessions of 3 to 5 minutes. Sitting quietly is best but QE for hunger can be done under almost any circumstances including while working, during conversation, driving, exercising, and so on. QE for starvation should be done continually to conserve energy and other vital resources of your body. Sitting is the best position but QE will also be very effective laying down if you are too weak to sit.

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