Finding a balance in challenging times

I was looking for a method to share with others to aid in reducing their stress. I was looking for methods to bring about awareness. Through this awareness greater peace of mind is the result.  During Frank’s teachings my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has gone through surgery and is now doing chemotherapy. It has been challenging at times to steady the emotional roller coaster ride.  The Kinslow Happiness System is very simple to do. There is nothing to do. When I “let go” my world is more joyful. Even though the healing my wife is going through has been tough at times, my life has been very balanced. I practice the teachings of the Kinslow Happiness System daily. It has been and is a gift to have received this system. I am able to go through daily life with a greater sense of ease. When I practice the Self-Sessions, I have been taught in the Kinslow Happiness System I am aware, euphoric at times and expansive. It’s a fabulous system. I am taking these teachings and applying them to have inner and outer happiness. Thank you, Frank you are a blessing!!!

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