EU feeling which helped me out at any moment.

I am writing to you at a for me very special occasion: today is my 50th birthday. And for me the greatest present I ever received so far is how to experience pure awarenes. Therefore, I would like to thank you for letting me know how to remember pure awareness with all the involved experiences I could made during the last one and a half year since I have met you the first time in Hamburg. As you may  know it is very difficult to describe what type of experiences I am talking about but it is like coming home, to get aware of what we really are with the feeling of unboundless and being once with everybody and every one. The last year I went through quite some difficulties business wise but also personally but in all instances it was the remembering of the EU feeling which helped me out at any moment.

Last week I received your QE quill and I was very pleased to see the photos from Kirchzarten, since it remembered me of this overwhelming event. During this two days I gave about 40 to 60 QE sessions in a row. The experience I made during that time I can hardly put in words it was just fantastic and I received from so many persons with whom I did QE already on the day or the day after great feedbacks on what happened or what kind of changes they observed. I have the feeling every time I am with you in a seminar either for myself or now as assistant great changes with me occur. After the Kirchzarten week-end I can now approach any person without any fear or disbelief and offer them a QE session. And in most cases somthing even visble happens.

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