Amazing results

After a friend introduced me to QE, with amazing results, I was very interested in learning QE. So when she sent me the Information about the QE webinar, I didn’t hesitate to apply. It was one of the most wonderful experiences. After being on the spiritual path for years, I always felt, that there was something missing. I attended quite a few seminars and learned many different techniques, but always there was something to do and somewhere to go.

Intuitively I knew that this was not quite right, because we are already perfect/whole…and life is always in the Moment, and as all the techniques involved the intellect and one can’t think oneself into the Moment, no spiritual practice ever brought me there. Then I learned QE – it was like finally coming home. Everything just clicked into place, there was nothing more to achieve, nothing wrong with where and how I was. Finally my life-motto of “it is as it is” met with experiencing this wholeness and inner peace. Practicing QE has really transformed my life. I get so much wonderful Feedback from friends I do QE with, the results are so great I’m humbled with gratitude. So again, thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to practice QE and to help spread it further.

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