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Private QE Basic & Advanced Course

Dr. Frank Kinslow




Get private Quantum Entrainment technique instructions, online and live from Dr. Frank Kinslow, one of today’s most sought-after teacher/healers worldwide. Dr. Kinslow will personally work with you and a partner to awaken your natural healing abilities. Learn QE basic and advanced techniques as taught in QE Basic & Advanced Seminars. Also learn secrets not taught in seminars or webinars.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to reveal your inborn healing potential.

What you get:

  • 2 people –1 price
  • 6-1hour Private Lessons
  • Flexible schedule
  • 2 Weeks Additional Follow-up

What You Will Learn:

  • Your personalized Self QE healing program
  • Relieve physical pain & emotional distress in minutes
  • Heal at a distance
  • Overcome financial fears/improve relationships
  • Deepen QE healing experience in groups



You must be physically with your partner in order to learn the Private QE Healing Course techniques.

This Private QE Healing Course is the prerequisite training for Advanced Private Healing Courses instruction with Dr. Kinslow. Some experienced individuals may be eligible to waive this basic course.