Wonderful influence

Everyone I do Quantum Entrainment with feels calm, peaceful, free and lighter. One woman around 50 years of age was having trouble with her 25 year old daughter. The daughter had stopped talking with her and hadn’t visited her mother in months. An hour after our Quantum Entrainment session her daughter called her and they had a good long talk. Later that afternoon they went shopping together.

 Quantum Entrainment has even had a wonderful influence on me and my family relationships. Every Christmas we join my family in Belgium for Christmas. This past year my family was evasive and didn’t want me and my family to share Christmas with them. I couldn’t understand it and I was upset about this news and wondered what could be wrong. During the sunday evening Quantum Entrainment Group World Peace session I thought to myself, “Why can’t world peace start with me and my family?” and I said my desire for a happy Christmas with my family during the group session. Again, within an hour the problem was solved. My sister called me and said that they had received some unexpected money and now we would all be able to have a wonderful family Christmas together.

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