‎Podcast for your Soul: EP 11: We Make People Happy. We Help People Heal. – with Dr. Frank Kinslow

Dr. Frank Kinslow is International bestselling author and founder of the Kinslow System™,

He is the discoverer of Quantum Entrainment®, a rapid healing technique, and the Kinslow Happiness Technique, a proven system for inner and outer happiness.

Frank is considered a spiritual visionary and teacher of profound clarity and depth.

Frank has been researching and teaching the applied application of health and healing techniques for more than 50 years.

Frank is the author of nine books including, The Secret of Instant Healing and How to be Happy Without Even Trying. He resides in Sarasota, Florida, with his wife, Martina.

Topics Frank covers in this podcast:

How Dr. Frank Kinslow discovered Quantum Entrainment®He teaches you the ‘nothing technique’. The 3 Faces of Happiness He talks about the upcoming  Art & Science of Happiness live webinar – JUNE 5th- Free Newsletter and information at www.KinslowSystem.comHe shares his vision of the happiness community. Full live education program with Dr. Frank Kinslow

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