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1. What was the problem you were having before you discovered the Kinslow System?

2. What did your frustration feel like as you tried to solve that problem?

3.  What was different about the Kinslow System?

4. Take us to the moment when you realized the Kinslow System was actually working to solve your problem.

5. Tell us what life looks like now that your problem is solved or is being solved?
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What People are Saying...
Life Altering...
I wanted to write you and thank you for giving me my life back. Three weeks ago I made a commitment to myself to really use QE in all aspects of my life and to staying focused on EU feelings. A week ago I took my second QE seminar in Sarasota. The results have been nothing short of a miracle. I now feel so good that I can hardly stand it. I am experiencing so much inner peace, joy, and lightness that I am not the same person, and I am experiencing this just about all the time. I have practically given up wanting to control anything, and I am really starting to trust the Universe. Over the past 30 years, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on various self help, personal growth, and spiritual growth seminars, retreats, coaching, therapist, books, tapes, CD's and DVD's Most of the were helpful, but none of them came close to the power and the simplicity of QE for an actual felt change. 
Currently, I am working on cleaning up all my past traumas using QE. I am using emotional QE on all the feelings and programs that I experienced from past traumas, events, and relationships. This is such a powerful process and every day I feel lighter and more peaceful. The results have been amazing. Thanks again for everything, Steve Deweese DC 

Missing Tumors
Hi, I am Marlon from Holland and I have been practicing QE for a few months now. One of the persons whom I do emotional QE with gave me the great news that 2 of her tumors were completely disappeared and 3 were seriously shrunken. I did QE on her for 2 weeks her pain became less and less and after a little while she also did not need her painkillers anymore. And today she said that her oncologist could not believe his eyes for what he saw and she left him speechless! But we know better... QE 'works'! - Marlon 

Eliminating Menstrual Pain
I use Quantum Entrainment a lot in my life and have had great success with emotional QE, Financial QE, QE for Relationship but this was my first immediate and strong physical reaction to QE for myself. For as long as I can remember I’ve suffered debilitating menstrual cramps and nausea. The pain is always a 10+ and the nausea slides between a 3 and an 8. When I was unpleasantly awoken curled up on the floor of the bathroom unable to sleep but exhausted, grinding my teeth to keep from crying… it’s never pleasant. I did QE.
Like a boulder smashing through those flaming walls, I shot straight to Pure Awareness and floated peacefully in my Eufeeling. Immediately my cramps didn’t just lessen, they stopped! From a 10+ to 0 in an instant! Thank you for the freedom from a lifetime of cyclical incapacitation and pain and for the ability to share this wonder with others! - Aña

Psychology, Mindfulness & QE
I am a psychologist who teaches mindfulness based stress reduction techniques and utilizes mindfulness based cognitive therapy with my patients. I am always looking for ways to inspire and increase awareness. QE is a concrete and efficient tool to teach children, adolescents, and adults when helping them to learn how to develop mindful awareness. I am very grateful to have discovered QE and am finding new ways to utilize it all the time. - Dr. Joe

Happy, Secure Children (This letter is from a child psychologist in the Czech Republic.) 
This method brings a lot to the children. I see from it support of confidence in a child, fearlessness, awareness of one Self. Sometimes only a slight step is needed and the child is 1. Happy, or 2. The child greatly calms down and gains security. I like your method and recommend its usage, application in all kinds of institutions for children. Maybe sometimes this method would be more valuable to parents/teachers. I will attend your seminar if one day you will perform here in Czech. - Vlasta

QE for Finances/ Walking Better
I purchased a 2 CD package a few months ago and paid very close attention to the program on finances. The very next day I made $5,000.00. Now that might not seem like much, but a steady flow of income over time has made me a believer in QE. For 10 years (shortly after 911) my abilities of generating income practically STOPPED. I also went to a QE workshop which was awesome to say the least. At the workshop, I experienced the regaining of my walking normally. This comes and goes and every night I do QE and my walking improves more each time. I'm very proud to be associated with Dr. Kinslow. Thank you Frank. - Robert

Athletic Performance & Ego
Dear Frank, If you promise not to tell my competitors about this I’ll let you in on my secret . . . In January 2010 I took part in the Bavarian Archery Championships. After the first round I was way behind. During the interval I phoned my daughter with whom I had been on your course here in Germany last December. I pleaded with her to do remote QE for me and told her my dilemma. 
I sat down and did QE myself with my bow in my hands. I was so nervous and so much "in my head" only that I was shooting from ego-strength wanting to win like last year. So I began "QE Spacing", looking at the empty space between my knees, between my hands – and when the tournament continued I thought of the empty space between my arrow and the target (18m away). I felt very much calmer now and I couldn’t believe it, when my first arrow hit the target dead centre. I was so pleasantly surprised that I thought I knew it all now. So my next arrow was way up in the top right hand corner. Now that was a real shock! My ego didn’t want to give up easily, wanted to be the winner! "It wasn’t fun and it wasn’t easy . . . so it couldn’t have been QE!" came to my mind. QE Spacing  - and step by step my shooting got better. With the remaining 28 arrows I made my way back to the top and eventually even won the tournament, only just.  And I gained a prized insight into QE! Love and good thoughts, Leo. 

QE Good for Everything 
Quantum Entrainment is a powerful healing tool. Applying the QE™ principles has helped me, my friends, and family with physical, mental, and emotional issues. Elke

Shoulder Pain Relieved 
 I worked on my husband’s shoulder, which has been chronically painful and had limited range of motion for many years. There was immediate improvement in both pain reduction and increased range of motion, perhaps by as much as 60%, that has been maintained now with no further treatments for several weeks. He can now do a greater range of yoga postures. QE Practitioner QE for Aches and Pains I have been amazed at the results I have been having, using the QE process. Being a professional in wellness care, and owning a wellness center, I am often called upon to help people with spur of the moment aches and pains. 

The Results are Simply Miraculous
Anyone who is interested in healing on any level would greatly benefit form learning Quantum Entrainment." - Robert Uttaro

A Good Night’s Sleep 
Hello Dr. Kinslow, I learned how to do QE from listening to you on Hay House Radio. I've been practicing QE twice a day, morning and evening before bed, and I've been doing this for only two nights. In those two nights, I've slept better than I've slept in a while and we all know how important sleep is for healing! Thank you so much for your dedication to your work and for sharing this easy to use tool for healing; the ease of it is what is so astonishing! - Diana Dominique

QE Simple and Effective 
Dr Kinslow's healing modality is of a beautiful simplicity and ease of application that the intellect wants to reject, but once experienced cannot be denied. It can be learned in a few hours and will provide a lifetime of benefits, to the self and others. - Jennifer Sault 

Avoiding Foot Surgery
I have good news to share. I did three Quantum Entrainment sessions with a lady who had a very painful calcaneal spur in the right foot and after two years doctors decided that she had to go for surgery. I asked her to give herself a chance with Quantum Entrainment. She took three sessions and the pain had improved a lot, she could walk without help and now can wear any type of shoes. I met her again almost 4 months later in another city in the south of Spain, and she came to me saying: Thank you for saving me from going in for surgery. The doctor has already seen her and said there is no need for it. Quantum Entrainment makes true miracles! - Carlos

Saving my Dog
I want you to know that my dog Sam is MUCH better. He was supposed to take his 'last ride' to the vet this morning to be 'put to sleep'. He had become paralyzed in all four legs. By 9:30, he was moving his legs - and he walked a little. This morning when we got up at 5:45, he got up from his bed and walked briskly over to his water bowl in the kitchen and drank a lot of water. I gave him some shrimp and he gobbled that up. He has a ways to go moving forward - but he is SO MUCH BETTER. I thought you would want to know. - Katerine