Payment Options for Private Coaching
Special Financial Considerations
We are happy to offer special financial considerations where needed. 
It is Dr. Kinslow's intention that as many people as possible are able to take advantage of his guidance and support. 
Payment Choices for…4 Private Coaching Sessions
1 Payment in Full $1696 (discount 15%)

2 Payments of $878 (discount 12%)

3 Payments of $605 (discount 9%)

4 Payments of $499 (no discount)
Please Note:
- Duration time 3 months—initial down payment and 3 monthly payments
- Each additional payment must be made prior to your private coaching session
- Dr. Kinslow asks, for optimal effectiveness, the time between any two sessions should not exceed one month
- All bonus materials will be available after receipt of final private coaching session payment

- At least two private sessions must be completed before attending the Eufeeling in Paradise Retreat 2019
For special financial consideration (2 or more payments) contact: