QE Basic Seminar

Learn to quickly and easily contact Eufeeling, the “secret” of the QE rapid healing process. We begin with triangulation, an easy, instant and effortless healing method based on “Eufeeling.” From there we progress to individual QE, Remote QE, Emotional QE and Extended QE. You’ll practice healing with partners, and experience QE many times for yourself. Upon completion of this workshop, you’ll be able to apply QE to yourself, family, friends, pets and more.
*LMTs may earn 6 hours for the QE Basic Seminar..

NCBTMB Approved Provider Number: 301
Florida Approved Provider Number: 50-15997


QE Advanced Seminar

This seminar takes the incredible benefits of QE to the next level. Topics include Group/World Peace QE, Refined QE and Kids’ QE. You’ll learn how to overcome financial difficulties, how to have the perfect relationship and how to communicate from your heart. You’ll also learn about Spacing Walking, a way to experience pure awareness as you move about your day. And finally, we’ll explore how to integrate Quantum Entrainment at home for maximum results.
*LMTs may earn 6 hours for the QE Advanced Seminar.

NCBTMB Approved Provider Number: 301
Florida Approved Provider Number: 50-15997


QE Practical Healing Seminar

Come learn, practice, and play at the QE Practical Healing Seminar. Quantum Entrainment® is one of the simplest and most successful systems for health and healing worldwide. In this workshop you will be shown how to apply QE to supercharge other healing techniques and therapies making them easy and effective. Whether you are a doctor or a dancer, a full-time mother or the CEO of a major corporation, these two days will show you how to heal with compassion, clarity, joy. You need no special training, equipment, or talent. You will enjoy hours of actual healing practice. Just minutes after arriving you will create a profound healing presence then learn both scientific and esoteric procedures to heal body, mind, and soul. 

In this seminar you will learn:

- Balancing your spine/decreasing joint pain/relaxing muscles
- Body points that relieve emotions
- Group healing
- How to make QE Restorative Water
- How to heal your environment
- Changing belief systems
- Healing two or more people at a time

You won’t want to miss this revolutionary seminar. If you have taken the QE Basic and Advanced Seminars, and are looking for the healing event of a lifetime then reserve your place now.

QE Basic, Advanced, & Practical Healing (BEST DEAL)
Pre-registration price: $605
Standard registration price: $675
Last Minute registration price: $805
QE Basic (only)
Pre-registration price: $190 
Standard registration price: $220
Last Minute registration price: $270
QE Basic & Advanced
Pre-registration price: $325
Standard registration price: $360
Last Minute registration price: $450
QE Practical Healing (only)
Pre-registration price: $345
Standard registration price: $375
Last Minute registration price: $460

NOTE: must have previously completed QE Basic & Advanced seminar or webinar
A special rate is available at the Hilton Garden Inn Sarasota-Bradenton Airport. To reserve your room at the special conference rate please contact the hotel directly.


Hilton Garden Inn Sarasota-Bradenton Airport
8270 N Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34243
Direct Line: (941) 552-1110  or 941-355-9000 and ask for ‘the group rate for Quantum Entrainment.’
Fax: (941) 552-1111

CLICK HERE to book your room with discount. 

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Date of Payment:
Pre-registration until (date to be announced)
Standard registration from (date to be announced)

Withdrawal and Withdrawal Fee:
$50 cancelation fee by (date to be announced)
 25% cancellation fee from (date to be announced)
50% cancellation fee from (date to be announced)
100% cancellation fee from (date to be announced)

*OR you can register another person as a substitute for you at the time of your cancellation. 

Reserve - Cancellation - Re-Scheduling:
If the course cannot take place due to an insufficient number of participants or if the course must be rescheduled for urgent reasons, you will be notified. All fees already collected will be returned. Further claims cannot be advanced, no compensation will be offered.

Kind request: 
Please register as early as possible. This does not only help to guarantee you your place in the course but also contributes to a better organization, especially in respect to possible cancellation of courses due to insufficient numbers of participants.

Frank Kinslow and Lucid Sea, Inc. are not liable for any direct or indirect claim, loss or damage resulting from the seminar.

Important information:
Frank Kinslow and Lucid Sea, Inc seminars and the contents of the material are not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat. They are not to be considered a recommendation that you stop seeking professional care or following prescribed treatment. The information contained herein is in no way to be considered as a substitute for care from a duly licensed healthcare professional.

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