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The Most Frequently Asked
Questions about QE
Q: What is the Kinslow QE System exactly?
A: The Kinslow QE System is the arm of the Kinslow Happiness System that supports deep and rapid healing. It is an exciting new approach to abundant living that anyone can do. Quantum Entrainment is a completely natural technique that produces immediate healing and harmony in body, mind, and spirit. It is a complete system with proven results that you can use to increase confidence, creativity, abundance and happiness. The really incredible thing about the Kinslow System is that you can also use it to help in healing the lives of others.
Q: How can the Kinslow QE System benefit me?
A: Because the Kinslow QE System works deep within your mind at the finest level of functioning where peace and harmony abide, it has a peaceful, harmonizing effect on everything you do. It begins by organizing your thoughts, adding power and purpose to their expression. This increased energy and order then flows outward to sooth and heal your body. From there it injects vitality, wisdom, and serenity into every facet of your life, work, family and love relationships, recreation and education and even your quest for greater spiritual insight. Results happen quickly.
Q: What’s involved in learning the Kinslow QE System™?
A: We have made it very easy for you to learn how to have abundance and health through the Kinslow QE System. The first step is to learn Quantum Entrainment, how to easily function from that deepest, most orderly level of your mind. It turns out that this is so simple and natural that you can learn it just by reading one of the QE books or listening to one of our CD/DVDs or, most fun of all, join us at a QE workshop. At this time Dr. Kinslow is the only workshop teacher but workshops are offered in many countries.
Q: How did the Kinslow QE System™ come about?
A: The Kinslow QE System is the result of a unique joining of Western and Eastern healing techniques and the principles of quantum physics and relativity. It was actually born out of 40 years of frustration with trying to get it right. I had the thought, "Life shouldn't be so hard." Then in a flash of insight, at age 61, I realized that my most productive times had always been effortless, easy, and flowing. Along with that insight came the instructions for effortless living in a hectic world. That is what we call the Kinslow QE System.
Q: What’s the difference between the Kinslow QE System™ and other healing techniques?
A: First we should realize that the Kinslow System is more than just a healing technique for emotional or physical discord. You could look at the Kinslow QE System as an exclusive healing package for body, mind, spirit, as well as love relationships, work, education, recreation, and healing others including our children, friends, and even our pets. The application of direct healing in the Kinslow QE System is called Quantum Entrainment. It is special among healing techniques. With traditional healing methods there is always a movement of energy generated from or through the healer. The initiator of a QE healing session only starts the process and then watches as healing takes place easily and safely with immediate results.

Q: What’s the best way to explain the Kinslow QE System™ to others, especially those who might be skeptical?
A: The best way to explain the Kinslow QE System to others is in terms of rest. Rest is the universal healer. The deeper the rest the deeper the healing. When one does Quantum Entrainment they experience the deepest rest possible, deeper even than deep sleep. This very deep rest results in a very deep healing in seconds to minutes. It does not require any special talent or training because this kind of healing is natural for anyone once they realize it.
Q: What are the differences between QE techniques, like QE Triangulation and QE Intention, and their applications like Remote QE and QE for Finances?
A: For knowledge to be complete we must have both and understanding and experience of what it is we want to know. Understanding and experience build on each other. When constructing a strong wall you need both bricks and mortar. The mortar of the Kinslow QE System is made of the basic techniques of Eufeeling, Quantum Entrainment, QE Awareness, and QE Intention. The bricks are the QE Principles of Lucid Living which nurture, support, and guide you towards more freedom, energy, and wisdom in your life.
Q: A key component of the Kinslow QE System™ is something you’ve named “Eufeeling.” What is that?
A: Eufeeling is very special in your life. Most of the time you may not be aware of it being busy with the trials and tribulations of daily living. But it is always there waiting for you to notice it. Quantum Entrainment is the process of noticing your Eufeeling. Eufeeling is not a philosophy but a direct experience of the joy and peace and love that you are. When you become aware of Eufeeling’s presence it reflects outward supporting and guiding every feature of your life.
Q: Are there any areas of my life where I should definitely NOT apply the Kinslow QE System™ principles?
A: Not at all. The Kinslow System will actually adapt to your desires and needs. That is because the Kinslow QE System’s techniques are actually a way for you to become more clearly aware of what is taking place on the deeper, quieter levels of your mind. Let me remind you that you already have everything that you need to overcome your challenges and enjoy greater creativity, energy, happiness, and health. It is when you lose touch with your inner harmony that you experience outer disharmony. The Kinslow System is your personalized process for inner peace and outer prosperity.